Acupressure Mats: The Natural Remedy for Headaches?

An acupressure mat is widely known to reduce muscle pain and aid with sleep, but did you know it is also believed to relieve headaches? Headaches are painful and depending how severe, can be immobilising.

Ideally, the acupressure mat is suited to relieve headaches that are caused by neck tension and stress. Specifically using the acupressure pillow or the mat rolled up, the spikes are focused on triggering the “gates of consciousness” and “shoulder well” acupressure points.

acupressure points neck and shoulders

It is very important to target the back of the neck to greatly reduce the perception of pain. The spikes will increase blood flow to the area and encourage the brain to release endorphins. The symptoms of a headache or migraine will be calmed by the endorphin release and the increased circulation will reduce muscle tension.

Benefits of using acupressure mats for headaches

Promoting blood circulation to aid in easing headaches and migraines
Calming pain signals by releasing endorphins
Providing acupressure release to large areas of the neck, shoulders and back to help relieve overall tension

How to use to relieve headaches

Place your acupressure pillow or rolled up mat on the back of your neck. If you are using the acupressure pillow it may also be best to lay on your mat as well to help release overall tension in the back and shoulders. Lay and relax for at least 20 minutes or until pain subsides.